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on Pi Day.

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Embryo Creative’s ocial video campaign and engagement strategy for the Museum of Science has broken records two years in a row. See how we have engaged members and inspired donors.


The Museum of Science wanted to instill a culture of giving among its membership base who were not responding to traditional fundraising appeals.


Embryo developed a social video strategy to encourage the museum’s existing membership ranks and social media followers to participate in a one-day giving campaign. In the first year, the goal was set at 314 gifts on Pi Day (3.14.17).


Our challenge was to develop a fun, attention-getting campaign that would be shared on social media and engage a public who operate in a cluttered media environment.


We began by conducting research—learning about the museum, its memebers, and its mission. Using these insights, we developed a campaign strategy that guided our creative development. The result was a fun celebration of science featuring the musuem’s own iconic science interpreters in starring roles. Give Pi on Pi Day was born.


The Give Pi campaign launched using several components—two teaser videos, three case videos, and eight experiment videos. In addition, we created a collection of animated gifs, meme-like imagery, and other social media assets.

The Work

Give Pi: Science is Awesome!
Give Pi: Science is Awesome!
Give Pi: 314 gifts
Give Pi: Science is: Awesome!
Give Pi: Science is: Important


After launch, the campaign goal was achieved in 4 hours (314 individual gifts) and the stretch goal in 12 hours (1,000 individual gifts).


  • In the first year, the campaign recieved 1,145 gifts for a total of $180,000.
  • 74K Facebook views of the teaser video within 7 days, plus 480+ likes, 160+ shares, and 45+ comments.
  • Additional Facebook videos earned an average of 9k views in 12 hours, plus dozens of likes, shares, and comments.
  • At it’s peak, the campaign recieved an average of 1.3 donations per minute.
  • In the second year, the campaign recieved 20% more gifts from the previous year and 85% more revenue.