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Embryo Creative’s campaign for the Fox School of Business at Temple University solidified the school’s dominance in Center City Philadelphia. See how we engaged prospective students and increased enrollment


Like many business schools in highly competitive markets, The Fox School of Business needed to bolster enrollment and promote their MBA programs. They hired Embryo to develop a new campaign to increase recruitment for its graduate programs and raise awareness in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia boasts many competitive business schools, not only in the city center, but also in the surrounding suburbs. The Fox School wanted to create an idea-driven marketing pitch that could not be immediately co-opted by competing institutions.


Our challenge was to develop a fun, attention-getting campaign that would be engage younger working professionals who live in a saturated media environment. The city’s transit system, for instance, overflows with higher-education marketing.


We began by conducting research—speaking with faculty and current students to gain a better understanding of what differentiates a Fox education. Using these insights, we developed a campaign strategy that guided our creative development. The result was a visually-stunning, often humorous campaign that re-imagines worn out financial metaphors to tell a story of grit and triumph.


The power of Fox is knowledge, determination and ingenuity. Fox graduates are the kind of people who get the job done, no matter the obstacles. To promote these values we developed a print, transit, and digital campaign that included a video series promoting individual MBA programs. The Fox was born.


In the months following launch, FOX MBA pograms recieved witnessed an increase in inquries and applications.


  • 25% increase in website traffic.
  • 11% increase in iquiries about the school's MBA programs
  • 10% increase in applications.
  • Increase in US News and World Report rankings for several programs, including #1 spot for the Fox Online MBA